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Created on December 11th, 2016

Game story:

The story takes place in a secret lab where a mad scientist is testing the perfect replica of a human. You are an AI core that can transfer from one android to another so whenever you die you basically start over in a new body. Your task is to escape the evil clutches of the mad scientist’s lab and make your way to salvation. You will have to pass a series of trial simulations in order to escape.


The gameplay is a 2-D sidescrolling adventure, puzzle solving platforming game. The primary mechanic of the game is having to use the bodies of your previous lives in order to pass through every obstacle the scientist throws at you which includes spikes, fire, water, predators, lasers and all other kinds of dangers out there.

Player character:

You are a near perfect AI core with the ability to transfer from different android bodies once you destroy yourself. You have been enduring the torture of the mad scientist for years and it’s time for you to escape, you have had enough. You’ve been enduring the mad scientist’s torture since he created you 5 years ago. You are a male, human like android.

Essence Statement:

We wanted to try and implement a game mechanic that many games have not done before. Which is having the player use their previous lives to game them a leverage on the next try.


I think this game went well but if we had enough time, we would have added more levels, characters and more gameplay elements. Also worth mentioning that this is the first game I helped created.

Tools Used:


GameMaker Studio


Project Manger/Lead Designer: Bao Nam Tran-Thien

Coding: Chandler Ford

Art Assets: Cedric Dacoco

Writing: David Exton