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Created on May 17th, 2018


Our game is about playing as an office worker at a Midnight Office working to the bone in order to pay off debts and bills. However, the absurd idea is that no matter how hard you work, you will eventually succumb to your tragedy. Continuing on from where you left off, your child will come in and keep working until the child dies too, creating an endless cycle of death and taxes. The player will have to manage stress, debt, and performance and while working ceaselessly. The game is influenced by Papers Please and Paperclips, adding to the genre of a “clicking” game because all the player does in the game, is just click.

Essence Statement:

Our main goal was to create an absurd game. We had many ideas of absurdity such as making a “Tomogachi” style game where no matter how hard the player takes care of their pet, it will either die or eventually run away. However, the idea was already taken by another group, so we settled on making a office simulator game where no matter how hard a player works, the character will die and the child of that character will have to take over and keep working. I think the we met the overall goal because it explores the idea of “work till you drop” but then again, there is no ending to our game but an endless cycle. It is up to the player if they want to continue playing or just stop.

Changes and Reflection:

Originally, our game was supposed to have AR components but due to time constraints, it was never implemented into our final game. Overall, we got pretty much everything we wanted into our final game.

Tools Used:



Project Manager/Lead Designer: Jacob Luna

Coding: Alex Brighton, Jacob Luna

Art Assets: Rena Chen, Stephen Epperson, Chelsea Tao

Writing: Bao Nam Tran-Thien