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Aspiring Game Designer and Video Producer

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My friends and I created the game Respawn for BIMD 250 using Gamemaker Studio. Respawn is a 2-D sidescrolling adventure, puzzle solving platforming game. The game entails using the bodies of your previous lives in order to pass through various obstacle a scientist throws at you. These include spikes, fire, water, predators, lasers and more. I acted as the team director and helped pitch ideas. NOTE: Does not work on Mac operating system.

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This game attempts to simulate the correlation between the pursuit of profit and the impact of unsustainable growth. By challenging the players to both compete and cooperate we hope to highlight the difficulty in working towards a common goal, while at the same time having competing interests. Our team has purposefully made it difficult to lower the Environmental Impact counter to emphasis the difficulty present in reducing and repairing the damage to the planet.

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Death and Taxes is a mobile based game where players work as office employees in a corporation in order to wipe off their increasing debt and bills. This game is created around the idea of absurdism where no matter how hard to player manages their stress, performance and money, they will eventually meet the inevitable.



This project is an augmented reality game project designed to address the issues of climate change and pollution. Players take on the role of helping a faction called the Outsiders in taking the fight against another faction called the Establishment. The live event happened on May 31st, 2018.



This is a mobile application designed to help young female travelers feel more safe whenever they travel solo. This project is part of my group's final project in my senior year in IMD.

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